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Polypropylene is one of those rather versatile polymers that serve double duty, both as a plastic and as a fiber.

The most important property of polypropylene is its versatility. It can be tailored to many fabrication methods and applications. Excellent chemical resistance, the lowest density, highest melting point (in the family of olefin fibers), and moderate cost make it an important fiber in industrial applications.

Here are some major uses of Polypropylene:

Active wear and sportswear; socks; thermal underwear; lining fabrics Automotive: Interior fabrics used in or on kick panel, package shelf, seat construction, truck liners, load decks, etc.


Home Furnishings:
Indoor and outdoor carpets; carpet backing; upholstery and wall coverings; furniture and bedding construction fabrics

Used Clothing:
Industry: Used for packaging clothes and shoes


Carpets: disposable, durable non-woven fabrics; ropes; filter fabrics; bagging; geo-textiles



Our Products
Polypropylene comes in various colors as per the customer specifications. It is supplied in the form of rolls, sheets and bags.

Many colors, constructions & physical properties are available. The sheets and bags come in different weaves and different sizes.

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