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KT CANADA CORP.'s fabrics offer the broadest range of performance options designed to meet your tarping needs. We manufactures and sell standard size & custom made tarps, protective covers and screens.

Whatever your industry is, KT CANADA CORP. has dozens of weights and grades of protective material to get the exact fit between your application, how long the cover must last and your budget.

Choose from our light but durable 10-oz fabrics or our heavy-duty 22-oz.

  • Commercial & Industrial grade Tarpaulins
  • Economical and durable Custom sized & manufactured to specific sizes
  • Variety of Colors and Materials
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Special Grommeting and Additional tie-down features
  • Refined, Simple Design & Quick Installation
  • A special process is used that weaves high tenacity polyethylene tapes into fabric, then laminates the material on both sides. The result is that Tarps are lightweight, yet exceedingly strong.
  • UV stabilizers on both tapes and lamination ensure longer life of tarp.
  • Poly tarps are waterproof, rot-proof and dust-proof.
  • Tarps feature heat-sealed seams, special aluminum or plastic eyelets placed in three feet intervals, reinforced with strong/plastic rope on all sides.

Vinyl Tarps
Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP) 16 TO 22 OZ PER SQ YARD


Canvas Tarps
10 to 12 oz / 14oz /18 oz (weight per square yard before treatment) and more.


Standard Tarps
Vinyl Laminated Nylon (VLN) 6 TO 18 OZ PER SQ. YARD.
Light-weight and flameproof
Waterproof, rot & mildew resistant
Intended for stationary or moving objects.
Primarily intended for stationary applications


Polyethylene Tarps
Lightweight / Heavy-duty , Flame Resistant UV resistant, and reflective.
Water repellant treated cotton duck of the finest quality
Flame, Water and Mildew Proof
Intended as covers for stationary or moving objects Light duty , medium duty & heavy-duty


Heavy duty Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarps

Cotton Canvas & Synthetic Fabrics by Roll

For any product you make, your customer expects to receive it in the same shape it was when it left your shop floor. No paint chips from rocks, rust from rain or smudges from diesel smoke encountered on the road.

A Protection so that you can protect your customers' products that you are hauling from wind, rain, snow, ice and sun, from diesel smoke and salt, from debris and other road damage.

Invest in a custom-created tarp to protect your goods. Contact us and try our practical and cost efficient reinforced shipping cover alternatives.

Covers / Tarpaulins are made to your specifications out of exactly the right material for the application.

All of these TARPS can be finished with Grommets, D-rings, Pipe Loops and Hook and Loop fasteners, for even more tie-down flexibility depending on your tie-down needs.

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Fabric for Truck Tarps
Advanced Weaving, Coating and seaming technologies resist wicking, tearing and fading to produce tarps for domestic, foreign, commercial and non-commercial, semi and recreational trucks. Wide range of standard or even custom colors Besides the regular truck tarpaulins we have the following types also:

  • High Temperature & Debris Truck Traps
  • Multi Mesh PVC coated polyester fabric Strong, heavy and abrasion lighter than multi-mesh. Few or no seams on most covers because of wide-width fabric
  • Waterproof Vinyl Coated Nylon Fabric to waterproof any load. Excellent tear strength and abrasion resistance

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Fabric for other Covers
Roll-off Covers
For Construction Dumpsters Rail Car Covers for Moving Loads.


Five-Sided Cover
A lightweight reinforced material but very tough. Cover Big, Bulky, Uncrated Equipment with Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Nylon designed for the long haul.

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Sports and Recreation
Turf Covers, Athletic Field Covers, & Infield Covers


Wind Screens
around Tennis Courts



Sunscreens over kids' play areas with its UV Light Inhibitors


Gym Floor Cover
Protect your Wood Floors from scratches, mars, water, dirt and scuff marks by covering it with a non-slip gym cover


Camping ground cover



Commercial Covers
Available for Schools, Hotels, etc.

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Fabric For Swimming Pool Covers
Tuff-Woven and Super Tuff-Woven Winter Pool Covers Fabric

  • Tear Resistant and Durable. Made from tensilized woven polyethylene for inherent tear resistance and all directional strength. Only top quality grades of material used
  • U.V. Resistant. Black woven polyethylene center scrim prevents sunlight from penetrating through cover therefore deterring algae grown and liner damage
  • Top Quality Hardware Package. Vinyl coated steel air craft cable, cable clamps and turn buckle provided with all above ground and oval covers.


Leaf-Free Net

  • Keeps your pool free from leaves and debris
  • Large: Rounds are a full three feet and rectangles are a full five feet larger than pool size. This insures proper fit when used over winter cover. Covers are designed to be removed with all debris before winter freeze-up.
  • Solid Brass Grommets: Set in a woven binding that won't pull off like tarp tabs.

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Fabric For Recreational Vehicles Covers
Heavy Duty, long term, off-season RV storage, silver on the outside to reflect the sunlight and heat that can cause condensation under the cover and black on the inside for total opacity to prevent mold.

Completely waterproof and have an elastic front hem to pull the cover up under the front bumper or tongue.

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Fabric For Boat Tarps

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Fabric For Tent Sidewalls
Perfect for flea markets, camping and sporting events. Choose from waterproof or shade fabrics

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Fabric For Construction Purposes
Construction requirements are many -Contain it, cure it, protect it, enclose it . This implies a lot of uses of high quality tarps and coverings for the contractor. We at KT CANADA CORP. meet those specific needs.


Scaffolding Tarps & Building Enclosures
These are made from reinforced, lightweight, clear keep wind and rain out of work spaces while letting necessary light through.


Dust Partitions
Use unsupported sheeting as simple or lay-down tarps when you must maintain a clean environment.


Silt Fence
It is a woven polypropylene fabric engineered specifically to stop soil erosion at construction sites.



Debris Tarps
These help in the clean up, whether from roof tear-offs or during landscaping jobs. made from a special perforated material that will let water drain through.



Five sided Pallet Covers
Protect Lumber, Insulation or other construction materials on the job site from vandals and the elements . Choose black/white reversible material when you need to control heat and condensation build up, or clear when you need visibility.

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